Do you need Facebook Restaurant Apps for you Facebook Fan Page? Try TidalWave for Facebook!

Would you like to do real business on your restaurant’s Facebook page? If so, then TidalWave for Facebook is the solution for you.

With TidalWave, you can build out Reservation, Menu, Order, and Coupon Apps that will enable you to start doing actual business on Facebook in a matter of minutes.

Baku Lounge, a destination party venue where you can enjoy the simple things in life – eating, drinking & dancing, recently added this TidalWave for Facebook Reservation App to their Facebook Page.

BakuReservationApp (4-13-14)

After you’ve built out your Apps, then you can even take your presence a step further by
1. Introducing a Fan Gate to collect some likes
2. Promoting to your Page’s timeline
3. If you have a web presence, embedding your Restaurant app into your website.

TidalWave for Facebook presentation on Social Processes

Presentation by Joel Garcia that demonstrates all of the TidalWave Products including:
TidalWave Process Studio
TidalWave Process Manager
TidalWave for Facebook
TidalWave Cloud

In this video, we build a Customer Support application in a matter of minutes.

Need a Facebook Reservation App for your new Eatery – Try TidalWave

Indulge – An all new Boutique Restaurant in Sea Point, Western Cape, South Africa just launched their new Eatery with a Facebook Reservation App using TidalWave


The four basic elements of earth, fire, air and water are what inspired Sea Point’s newest eatery – Indulge. This sophisticated boutique restaurant offers you a touch of class combined with excellent service and delicious food at brilliant prices. The menu is changed where necessary to ensure dishes are perfectly suited to the seasons and Head Chef Derek Moore has put his personal touch on everything. With its clean lines and modern decor, Indulge is a calm haven away from the busy streets in Sea Point which allows for one to indulge their senses within a world of gourmet cuisine.

Need a German Facebook Guestlist App – Try TidalWave

Need a Fan-Gated Facebook Guestlist App for your Disco in Germany? Try TidalWave

MISS KITTIN Friendsliste
Fülle das unten stehende Formular aus und du bist automtatisch auf der exklusiven Friendlist mit vergünstigem Eintritt ( 25.- statt 35.- )

Eintragungen für die Friendlist sind bis am Freitag Abend 22 Uhr gülltig.


Vault Nightclub leverages TidalWave for their Facebook Guestlist

Vault Nightclubs Leverages TidalWave for their Facebook Guestlist

They leverage a nice fangate to collect the like, and then they’re able to capture the Facebook identify of their guests, which enables Vault to improve the efficacy of their email campaigns.


Guestlists for DJs on Facebook using TidalWave

For nearly 3 year’s, DJ David Clark has gone from mixing tracks after hours in pubs to friends and colleagues, to playing weekly in some of Scotland’s most prestigious nightclubs.

After a residency Scene Glasgow and monthly nights at O’cuture, David Clark upped his game to take on DJing duties in the Merchant City’s stylish cocktail bar, Moda. It wasn’t long before David took his trademark house and dance music from the Moda bar to the even more elite Corinthian Club, Glasgow.

Now, DJ Clark uses TidalWave‘s Guest List App to make sure all the ladies are in line for entrance into the clubs that he’s DJing. Once he gets their contact info, he ensures that they’re in the queue for the next gig. What a way to make a living.


Cash Giveaways on Facebook using TidalWave

One interesting way to get Facebook users with TidalWave is to have a contest where you’ll give away X amount of dollars in exchange for your users filling out a form and referring 5 friends. Club 4Sixty6 is doing this now with tremendous results.

The key to this type of application is to include the TidalWave Referral component, which only enables your Users to enter the contest once they’ve referred 5 friends.



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