Are you looking for Facebook Party Apps to capture leads and sell merchandise? If so, try building these Apps with TidalWave

Are you looking to sell T-Shirts online for your Swedish Party cruise? Do you need a solution that enables you to purchase online with PayPal using the Swedish Kronor or any other foreign currency? If so, then TidalWave is the product for you.

100% Percent Party in Sweden has seen amazing success with their new T-Shirt and Party Registration app obtaining 180 leads and 10 sales in 3 days with no paid advertising.

PartyCruiseTShirt (6-05-14)

By just building out a T-Shirt app and using TidalWave’s incredibly easy to use Payment mechanism to configure PayPal and assign monetary values, 100% Party was able to build out an effective shopping cart solution in a matter of minutes.


PartyCruisePayment (6-05-14)


Share your favorite DJ’s playlist on SoundCloud with TidalWave

Do you want to share your favorite DJ’s play list for your Night Club? Create your own app for sharing your favorite Sound Cloud videos and songs on TidalWave.

1. Login or create a TidalWave account at

2. Choose a Template and provide a name and description, click Save

3. On your Sound Cloud account click the Share button


4. Next select the Embed link at the top of the dialog.


5. Add a You Tube video field (if you find this confusing, let us know:)


6. In the Fields tab click on the You Tube button in the editor

7. Click on your newly added field and paste (ctrl v) into the Iframe field, like magic the video will appear!


Save your App and click the preview button to see your App in action!

TidalWave on Mobile for your Restaurant, Night Club, Hotel or Boutique Facebook Page

Last week, TidalWave introduced a new responsive design for mobile. To make use of this new design, you’ll need to provide a TidalWave URL for consumption on the Facebook mobile app.

In order to engage all of your fans, we suggest you use both a Mobile and Desktop URL whenever you promote or post a link on your Facebook page.

What’s a Mobile URL? A Mobile URL is the URL that TidalWave uses underneath the covers to display your app, e.g . For mobile, you’ll want to use the TidalWave app URL because the Facebook URL to your app will produce a 404.


What’s a Desktop URL? A Desktop URL is the URL that Facebook provides you with when you deploy a Tab App.


For more information on acquiring the Mobile URL, click here.

Facebook FBF8 2014 – Highlights Facebook Login, App Links, Parse, and more


I attended FBF8 2014 yesterday.

The highlights were

1. The Facebook Login mechanism is changing. What is the Facebook Login mechanism? When you have a Facebook App on your desktop browser in certain situations you will be prompted to login with Facebook at which point you will be prompted to give access to some of your information to a 3rd party app like TidalWave. Today, when the 3rd party app asks for permissions, the user has to either give all information or cancel out of the dialog. Starting yesterday, all new Facebook apps will make use of a new authentication mechanism that enables the end user to opt out of giving access to their requested data. For example, if a 3rd party app wants the user to give them their email and phone number, they will NOT have to. The user will still login to the app, but the app will not be able to acquire the data. All new apps will now have to check after a user logins to see if the end user provided the requested data. If the end user did NOT and it’s required, the 3rd party app will have to launch the login dialog again. In addition, Facebook introduced the Anonymous Login mode with a few select customers, e.g. Flipboard. Existing Apps will have 1 year to refactor their Facebook authentication.

2. App Links -Today, when users go into a mobile app there isn’t a good way to navigate into another mobile app. If I’m in the New York Times app and I want to get to the New York Times page on Facebook, I have to exit the New York Times App. Open the Facebook Mobile App. Search for New York Times. Click on the New York Times item. This is painful. App Links enable developers to embed direct shortcuts into the New York Times App enabling people to go directly to the Facebook App New York Times page.This is huge because it’s now building an anchor link url type experience on your phone. Mobile apps will hopefully become interconnected.

Facebook has open sourced the AppLink solution here, The syntax appears to be similar to the OG tags that many developers already use today.

3. Parse – Parse is a framework that FB acquired in 2013 for $87 mill, Parse can be used to build Instagram type apps quickly. Parse provides a tutorial for an Instagram type app called AnyPic. Parse takes care of the backend logic enabling you to focus on the UI and Design. Parse has native code written for most mobile operating systems. It appears to give you Push Notifications, similar to Urban Airship, out of the box. It also enables you to leverage Facebook Insights directly. The data model is represented in JavaScript. The Mobile Apps correspond to an individual Facebook App on the platform.

4. Facebook Audience Network is similar to Twitter’s MoPub and Google’s AdMob. You can now build Ads into your third party apps leveraging FB data targeting.

5. iOS Like button – Believe it or not but on iOS mobile apps there is no support for embedding a like button to your presence on Facebook. Facebook has now added support for this in their Facebook.framework.

6. Facebook support – For those of you have developed on the Facebook Platform, you have most likely felt great pain. Facebook is now promising to fix the major bugs within 48 hours. They’ve also agreed to not change the API for 2 years. I’m not quite sure how the changing of the API will work, but it will certainly be nice not to have the ground moving underneath you.

Do you need a Spanish Tour Registration App for when you visit Machu Picchu?

Do you need a tour registration app for your Facebook page? Are you planning on visiting Machu Picchu? If so, try TidalWave for your registration app. TidalWave has been localized to handle Spanish content making it incredibly easy to build out such things as a Premium City Tour application for Lima, Peru.

Believe it or not, but Latin America’s engagement with social media is off the charts. Peru Smile actually gets people registering for tours.

Peruvian Tour (4-23-14)

¿Hablas Español? Do you need a Spanish Facebook restaurant app to process reservations?

Do you need a Facebook restaurant app to process reservations for your restaurant in Spanish? If so, try TidalWave. TidalWave has been localized to handle Spanish content making it incredibly easy to build out your Facebook apps in Spanish.

La Cabrera in Peru has been seeing excellent results with their new Facebook restaurant app processing up to 10 reservations per night.

.Peruvian Restaurant (4-23-14)

Grow Your Prospect List, Generate Leads – Free with TidalWave

Did you know that social media can be like a mailing list for your business.  That’s just the beginning.  We all know that people who actively use social media – most of us –  have their own followings or lists of friends.  Once you connect with one person, their friends become a free prospect list, and then their friends do, too, and so on.  As each person shares your promotions and messages, your list can grow dramatically…Wow!  That is what viral growth means.

TidalWave not only helps your customers share your messages and offers with their friends, it encourages them to.  Then it brings back their contact information and stores it in one easy to access place – you don’t have to pay to get back in touch with your customers…Yeah!

Are you a #grocery or #foodtruck?  We can help you:  from simply getting out the word to running new product trials and even your business.


We welcome you to use TidalWave free for our extended introductory period.  No strings attached.  While you do that, we will be building additional exciting tools to bring you value.


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