How to export Facebook Contacts to CSV in TidalWave

How to export Facebook Contacts to CSV in TidalWave


So you’ve amassed this amazing collection of contacts in TidalWave, and now you want to do something with them. You can either use TidalWave to promote to these people with SMS, Push Notifications if you’re utilizing a TidalWave Native Mobile App, or Email. Or you can export the data out to CSV.

To export the data out to CSV, simply pick whether you want to export the Responses or Fans out. Hit the Export Button.

Export Facebook User Responses to CSV

Export Facebook User Responses to CSV

Export Users from Facebook to CSV

Export Users from Facebook to CSV

Pick the application, start and end date to export. Hit the Export Button.

Facebook User Export Response Dialog

Facebook User Export Response Dialog

The file TidalWave Responses (10-10-14).csv will be downloaded. Just double click on this file to get access to it.


Facebook User CSV Download

Facebook User CSV Download

If you have multiple versions of the application, then TidalWave will export out all of the data to the best of its ability. For example, if you radically alter the structure of your app, then TidalWave will transpose the result fields into columns and display the results in a tabular format.

Conversely, you can import contacts into your TidalWave database as well. To do this, simply go to the Fans Tab. Click on the Groups. In the Groups Dialog that pops up, specify your contact file to import. Right now, we require display_name, login, and email fields. The phone field is optional.


Capture Online Donations with TidalWave on Mobile, Social, and Web

Online Donations apps provide an easy way to collect money for your cause on a mobile device.


Are you trying to raise some money for your cause? With TidalWave, you can build out quick marketing campaigns to capture donations on your mobile, social, and web presences.

TidalWave automatically generates a mobile version of each app that you build. To get access to the mobile version, click the “Preview App” button, and select mobile. You can promote this mobile app via an SMS, Email, Facebook Post, etc… If you leverage TidalWave’s promotional capabilities, TidalWave will automatically shorten the link for you via

For Social, you can post your app as a Facebook Tab App or you can include it on a LinkedIn Post. When you first build your app, specify whether you’d like to use Facebook or LinkedIn authentication. Each form of authentication will provide you with different attributes from that third party. For example, LinkedIn will provide the person’s first name, last name, headline, current position, and current company.

For web, you can easily embed your apps into any of your own web pages just like we’ve embedded versions on this page. If you’re using WordPress, you can simply use the iFrame Plugin.

Hillary 2016 TidalWave Example. Click on the image to go to the App.

Hillary 2016 TidalWave Example. Click on the image to go to the App.


In order to capture payments, simply hook up your PayPal or account. Don’t believe us. Try the Hillary 2016 Donation above.

Capture your Customers using TidalWave’s Guest List Templates

Are you trying to drive more business to your Night Club or Bar? With TidalWave, you can build out Guest List Apps in a matter of seconds using our Guest List Templates. With these Guest List Apps, you can capture your customers on your mobile, social, and web presences.


Our Guest List Templates for Social and Mobile are a great way to capture your Customer’s contact information enabling you to re-market to them.

Facebook Guest List Web App #2

Facebook Guest List Template App #1. Click on the image to go the App.

Facebook Web Guest List App

Facebook Guest List Template App #2. Click on the image to go the App.

We automatically generates a mobile version of each app that you build, which can be consumed over a web browser on your mobile device. These mobile apps can be promoted using TidalWave’s SMS campaign manager.

You can also leverage TidalWave to Create Your Own Mobile App that will run on any Device. This enables you to build forms and campaigns with our online form builder that automatically change your Mobile, Social, and Web presences without having to re-submit to the App Store or Google Play. All of your users’ transactional data from Social, the Web, and Mobile then feed into one hosted database enabling you to see which channel is the most effective.

TidalWave Custom Mobile App

TidalWave on the App StoreTidalWave on Google Play


How to use the new Facebook Call To Action Feature to Improve CTR’s

For the longest time, marketers have been complaining that it’s challenging to place a Call-to-Action on a Facebook Business Page. Lo and behold Facebook listened to their complaints.  If you’re lucky, your Facebook Page will now have a Call-to-Action button next to the Like Button. Facebook is slowly rolling out this feature so if you don’t have it yet,  be patient or nag Facebook.

Try our Demo.

Here is a summary of the new Calls-to-Actions that Facebook has implemented and some examples on how to capitalize on this new feature:

Book Now *for Restaurants and Clubs*
Contact Us *for brick-and-mortar businesses to grab local customers*
Shop Now *for any service company or to drive traffic to your TidalWave Store*
Sign Up *to grow your essential email list (this should be your default!)*
Watch Video *could be the gold-standard choice to tell your story*

Here are some tips from TidalWave on how to use this new feature from Facebook.

1. You’ll need an awesome Facebook cover photo if you expect your Call-to-Action to work.

2. On your cover photo, you can use text & an arrow to call attention to your Call-to-Action button.

3. You’ll  need to figure out how to use the new feature – check out our instructions below:

Here’s what the Call-to-Action button looks like on your page (Facebook provides stats in the sidebar for how many people click the button):

Click on the  Call-to-Action button to access and edit your actions.

Facebook Call To Action Button in Action

Facebook Call To Action Button in Action


When you click Edit Call-to-Action, you’ll see Facebook provides 7 calls-to-action you can use on your button. They include:

Book Now
Contact Us
Use App
Play Game
Shop Now
Sign Up
Watch Video

Facebook Create a Call to Action Button

Facebook Create a Call to Action Button

The Call-to-Action button can be used in a multitide of ways to drive traffic to your FB page!

For example, I used the “Book Now” call-to-action to link to the desktop and mobile versions of a TidalWave Restaurant Reservation Application.

Facebook Call to Action to Desktop and Mobile TidalWave Applictions

Facebook Call to Action to Desktop and Mobile TidalWave Applictions

What’s the smartest Call to Action for your marketing objectives?

You’ll have to decide that, but as you can see from our example, the choice is yours!

Are you looking for Facebook Party Apps to capture leads and sell merchandise? If so, try building these Apps with TidalWave

Are you looking to sell T-Shirts online for your Swedish Party cruise? Do you need a solution that enables you to purchase online with PayPal using the Swedish Kronor or any other foreign currency? If so, then TidalWave is the product for you.

100% Percent Party in Sweden has seen amazing success with their new T-Shirt and Party Registration app obtaining 180 leads and 10 sales in 3 days with no paid advertising.

PartyCruiseTShirt (6-05-14)

By just building out a T-Shirt app and using TidalWave’s incredibly easy to use Payment mechanism to configure PayPal and assign monetary values, 100% Party was able to build out an effective shopping cart solution in a matter of minutes.


PartyCruisePayment (6-05-14)


Share your favorite DJ’s playlist on SoundCloud with TidalWave

Do you want to share your favorite DJ’s play list for your Night Club? Create your own app for sharing your favorite Sound Cloud videos and songs on TidalWave.

1. Login or create a TidalWave account at

2. Choose a Template and provide a name and description, click Save

3. On your Sound Cloud account click the Share button


4. Next select the Embed link at the top of the dialog.


5. Add a You Tube video field (if you find this confusing, let us know:)


6. In the Fields tab click on the You Tube button in the editor

7. Click on your newly added field and paste (ctrl v) into the Iframe field, like magic the video will appear!


Save your App and click the preview button to see your App in action!

TidalWave on Mobile for your Restaurant, Night Club, Hotel or Boutique Facebook Page

Last week, TidalWave introduced a new responsive design for mobile. To make use of this new design, you’ll need to provide a TidalWave URL for consumption on the Facebook mobile app.

In order to engage all of your fans, we suggest you use both a Mobile and Desktop URL whenever you promote or post a link on your Facebook page.

What’s a Mobile URL? A Mobile URL is the URL that TidalWave uses underneath the covers to display your app, e.g . For mobile, you’ll want to use the TidalWave app URL because the Facebook URL to your app will produce a 404.


What’s a Desktop URL? A Desktop URL is the URL that Facebook provides you with when you deploy a Tab App.


For more information on acquiring the Mobile URL, click here.


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