How to grow your email list with TidalWave for Facebook using Signature Promotional Giveaways

Today, Social Media Examiner ran an interesting and relevant article to TidalWave on building your email list using Social Media.

The meat of the article revolves around using Signature Promotional Giveaways to attract new users.

What’s a Signature Promotional Giveaway? It’s effectively a Contest. By using Contests in conjunction with Facebook Ads, you can build your email list quickly.

Here’s an example of a Contest built using TidalWave for Bacardi.


So, why should you use TidalWave?

1. TidalWave is cost effective. It enables you to run as many Apps\Campaigns\Promotions as you want on a specific Facebook Page.

2. TidalWave has an intriguing built-in Fan-Gate image that you can use straight out of the box to acquire Likes.


3. TidalWave captures user Facebook emails. Most users who enter a contest when they’re prompted for info will enter garbage data, e.g. TidalWave requires the user to authenticate with their Facebook Id ensuring that you get access to their Facebook profile data. TidalWave then uses the Facebook Profile Id to build a profile of your user, effectively building a database with all of your Fan details.

4. When a person enters your contest, TidalWave provides functionality that can make your App go viral.

5. When someone responds to your App, TidalWave enables you to immediately send them a personalized email.

6. After the contest, has ended and you want to reach out to your fan base, you can either use TidalWave’s email functionality or Facebook notification features to let them know about a subsequent promotion.

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